• To Supply 100 % filtered water to the peoples in Jamnagar City.
  • Drawl of Raw water from sources up to filter plant. Water A filter filtration and chlorination procedure it is pumped to the various Zonal reservoir / ESR in different area of city by pipeline network.
  • Water distribution is done from ESR through pipeline network to the drinking water connection holder.
  • Complaints regarding pipeline leakages, water contamination etc.are resolve by department immediately.
  • Drinking water connections are issued on demand after procedure.
  • Hand pumps, Stand post, Water bowser are maintained by department.
  • Operation and maintenance work of filter plants, Zonal ESR, Pipeline network is done by department.
  • Works regarding Water Supply facilities for newly developed area is implemented by department.
Projects On Hand
Project Detail
Description :Providing, Lowering, Laying, Jointing, Testing and Commissioning of Pipeline for Rising mains from Gokulnagar CWS to CWS at Woollen Mill area, from CWS at Woollen Mill area to ESR at Woollen Mill area. Designing, Constructing, Testing & Commissioning of Elevated Service Reservoir, Underground reservoir and Pump House at Woollen Mill Head works and Pump House at Gokulnagar Head works complete with Civil, Electro-mechanical and Instrumentation Works along with Operation & Maintenance of the Pump house(s) for 5 years under AMRUT grant.
Budget ProvisionAMRUT Grant
Estimated Expense(Rs. in Lacs)6,28,00,000=00
Contractor NameSeagull infracone Pvt Ltd,Rajkot
Project Start Date07-9-2017
Percentage of Work Completed55%
Estimated Date of Work Completion06-9-2018
Remarkwork in progress
Description :Designing, installation, Testing & Commissioning of pumping machineries & Electromechanical Works, along with Providing, Lowering, Laying, Jointing, Testing and Commissioning of DI pipe line 800mm dia K-9 and 750mm dia K-7 for rising main pipe line from AJI-3 dam to Kothadhar B.P.T and gravity main pipe line from Kothadhar B.P.T to Khijadiya filter plant at Jamnagar along with all allied works complete including post completion O & M for two years under AMRUT grant.
Budget ProvisionAmrut Grant
Estimated Expense(Rs. in Lacs)64,61,27,263=00
Contractor NameClassic Network Pvt Ltd, Rajkot
Project Start Date24-4-2017
Percentage of Work Completed65%
Estimated Date of Work Completion30-6-2018
Remarkwork in progress