• Street light maintenance work.
  • New street light luminaries installation work.
  • SJMMSVY projects of light branch
  • Municipal admin building wiring work
  • Garden lighting repairing and maintenance work of JMC
  • Fountains repairing and maintenance work of JMC
  • Lighting decoration work in difference occasions
  • Street light control panel repairing and maintenance work
  • New pole installation and shifting work
  • Center lighting work in different rod
  • Telephone, landline and mobile connections repairing and maintenance work, new purchase and billing work
  • PGVCL billing work of Community halls, Fire station work, Fire branch, Pay and use Toilets of JMC and street light billing work
  • Pole shifting work
  • Audit Recovery Bills
  • RTI, Co- Ordination Meetings, General board, St. Committee Meetings, And Member's answer and information of inward letters.
  • Survey work of sites, Measurements and Estimate making, File Put up and Supervision till work done.
  • Projects works of different grants
  • A/C repairing and new purchasing work with maintenance and service work.
  • Traffic Signal Installation and maintenance and servicing work.
  • D.G. set operation and maintenance work when PGVCL power cut.
  • Lifts Maintenance of Municipal Admin building.
  • Lifts Operations.
  • Inverter Set operation and maintenance.
  • Jilla aayojan Mandal Works life surveying work, estimate, progress reports etc. and to attend Jilla aayojan Meetings.
  • Water Cooler installation with Operation and Maintenance.
  • Diesel Purchasing work for Light Branch vehicles and D.G. Sets.
  • Making of SJMMSVY Progress Reports.
  • Sound System Arrangements for Different Occasions.
Projects On Hand
Project Detail
Budget ProvisionSJMMSVY
Estimated Expense(Rs. in Lacs)27.11 Lacs
Contractor NameShri Siddhnath Electric Stores, Jamnagar
Project Start DateNovember-2022
Percentage of Work Completed50%
Estimated Date of Work CompletionMarch-2023
RemarkWork In Progress
Description :Annual Rate Contract for Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning ofGrid-connected rooftop solar power plant System on JMC buildings with relatedcomprehensive Electrical, Mechanical & Civil Work including all necessaryequipment with 5 (Five) years comprehensive O&M under 15thFinance Commission.
Budget Provision15th FinanceCommission
Estimated Expense(Rs. in Lacs)99.09 Lacs
Contractor NameSolarium Green Energy Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad
Project Start DateNovember-2022
Percentage of Work Completed70%
Estimated Date of Work CompletionApprox. March-2023
RemarkWork In Progress